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In addition to our mainstream business of executive search & recruitment, Roger Manning and Steve Fallick are two of the Search Consultants with career coaching experience.  It has been our experience that even managers and executives that are on top of their game may still need someone to discuss their career direction, tweak their job search strategy and/or offer assistance with their resumes.  Having an industry expert to give you sound advice is a smart part of your career strategy whether you are currently employed and seeking a transition or whether you are in-between jobs.

The counselors at Manning Search Group are here to help you in your career transition.  We know that transitioning jobs is a major life-changing event especially if it was not planned or you were caught by surprise. You may be a mature worker/candidate and worried about age-bias in the workplace. You may be a victim of circumstances that were out of your control but yet worried that somehow you will be labeled as part of your prior employer’s problem.  You are not alone.  You are not going to be the last to experience what you are experiencing.  It is our goal to talk about these feelings first and foremost to establish a baseline of psychic-health, so-to-speak so that we can build upon a positive self-worth and move forward to a successful job search.

In no way do we imply or guarantee that Manning Search Group is getting a job for you.  Although our Manning Search Group counselors may have been successful recruiters in the past, they may not be representing you as recruiters if your expertise doesn’t match the job requisitions that we have at the current time. Manning Search Group counselors are here to teach you, guide and direct you in successful techniques for marketing yourself to the employment community with the goal of YOU obtaining a successful job offer in which you wish to accept. Manning Search Group also offers ideas that will help make you stand out of the crowd.  You are competing in a very crowded employment marketplace which is technologically savvy. Simply doing what has been done in the past will not land you an exceptional opportunity.  Our goal of this workshop is also to make you aware that searching for an exceptional job or career opportunity is a job in itself.  Searching for a job is hard work!  Searching for a job is an action-oriented process and you should not rely upon others or sit-back and wait for the want-ads to come out each week.  One of our objectives is to make sure that you are mentally prepared to make this a job in itself to get the job of your dreams.

We are not psychiatrists, psychologists or licensed mental health care professionals.  Manning Search Group are however very successful business executives and career coaches who have had years of experience in coaching, counseling and mentoring others within their professions. Our two Manning Search Group counselors have had successful recent careers in Executive Search Firms and know the secrets of how to contact senior level managers within companies and how to approach them with candidates.  These techniques will be taught to you in the next two days.

We can offer career coaching on a one-hour at a time basis.  If your employer has given you outplacement financial benefits, you might want to consider using that financial benefit in selecting our counseling.

In summary, our goals in career coaching will be any or all of the following:

  • Discuss your mindset and prepare for positive Self-Worth.
  • You will make an assessment of your Assets & Liabilities for a job.
  • You will understand your marketability and how to market yourself.
  • You will understand what can be changed and what cannot be changed and thus focus only upon self-improvement where possible.
  • You will set specific job Search Goals & Job Objectives.
  • You will prepare and understand how to use your “30-Second Elevator” Speech and Your “30-Second Mini-resume”.
  • You will know what should a good resume look like and why?
  • You will know how to select your professional references.
  • You will know how to market yourself to potential employers including the use of current methodologies.
  • You will learn Success Strategies & Tactics of executive recruiters.
  • You will know how to set productivity goals regarding contacts and interviews.
  • You will work upon improving interview skills and know areas to improve upon leaving our workshop.
  • You will learn how to handle Job Offers through negotiation skills techniques.
  • You will be exposed to a variety of other resources including web-based and print publications.

If you are interested in discussing Career Coaching as one of your career transition strategies, please fill out the contact form and tell us about your situation, time frame for assistance and how best to contact you.

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