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Megatrend:  More and more companies and their Human Resources departments are looking for ways to reduce costs without sacrificing quality hiring practices. Coupled with other megatrends…

  • Retiring “baby-boomers” are causing our U.S. workforce to fall short of needed numbers to fill critical management positions.
  • Generational differences in work ethic, attitudes as well as education and training shortfalls or mismatching of skills.
  • Changing workplace requirements & expectations of the employer.
  • Globalization and competition for jobs has intensified.
  • Traditional ways of finding talent has changed and the necessity for Social Media and direct recruiting has increased. Finding top talent can no longer be managed as simply running ads, processing the applications and hoping that you can hire the best talent.

Outsourcing the search & recruitment processes from the company Human Resources department has become a very attractive alternative and megatrend that has caught much attention from employers. The RPO has become a creative way to help align the RPO with the organization’s needs to adapt to the multitude of megatrends that are impacting employment within the United States. Thus we have the creation of the Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) industry. The RPO industry has grown from $.6Billion in 2008 to $1.4Billion in 2011 or a 33% increase.  The RPO meets the needs of the client employer around some of the most direct and measurable benefits that we have discussed below.

Definition:  A RPO is a partnering concept whereby a client outsources the search & recruitment processes entirely or in part out to a RPO, a company with expertise in search & recruitment and who has systems in place to offer client certain benefits that they didn’t enjoy in performing these duties themselves.




WHY Manning RPO? Services include…

  • Development of the local and national search plan
  • Development of the target lists for direct telephone call recruitment
  • Scripts written and advertisements placed in selective and targeted advertising venues
  • Sifting and screening of all resumes and inquiries through advertising, online applications and initial telephone calls from our recruiters
  • Initial introductory telephone screening interview
  • In-depth telephone interview; utilization of behavioral interview techniques
  • Perform 3 or more professional reference checks with written reports for the manager and HR file.
  • Perform background checks and perform education verification
  • Perform professional licensure verification & standing
  • All employees recruited for our Client remains our Client’s property until turned lose due to lack of interest.
  • All applications, candidate inquiries as well as the potential candidates for future opportunities will be kept safely within the proprietary Applicant Tracking System
  • We are open to provide sharing our system or working directly with the applicant tracking system that is already implemented by the Client.
  • Manning will keep search & recruitment statistics for management review and for self-improvement.


1.     Cost Savings

  1. Fixed rate per hire based upon annual volume for the work eliminating all variables and grey areas of costs and thus allowing you to know in advance of monthly cost for budgeting.
  2. Improved effectiveness and less time wasted due to our industry training in the search & recruitment process.

2.    Improved Efficiencies

  1. Recruiter / Project Coordinator Team/Model
  • Recruiter coupled with Project Coordinators for each “X” number of facilities. (to be determined with client input and analysis
  • Each trained for specific job duties

2.  Weekly accountability meetings with team and the hiring managers

3.    Quality – Leads to improved quality of hires.

  • Consistent search process
  • Consistent interview questions tailored to the job function, duties and responsibilities of the position
  • Consistent matching candidates to the company culture
  • Consistent matching of candidates behavior profile to behavior profile of the manager

4.   Urgency

  • You are assigned a recruitment team based upon the size of the project.
  • Search goal will be to find at least 3 qualified and viable candidates within the first 2 weeks of the job assignment.  The Manning search team screens and whittles down hundreds of candidates/applicants to only the most qualified candidates thus saving the hiring manager’s time.
  • Recruitment manager to develop close working relationships with hiring manager in order to maximize the interview calendar and get person hired within 30 – 45 days from the time of the initial screening interview.

5.   Metrics

Measurable analytics will be provided to the hiring manager(s).  Manning will keep tracking of those metrics that demonstrate the scope and depth of the work provided:

  • Quality metrics
  • Speed metrics
  • Volume metrics
  • Retention metrics
  • On-boarding & post hire metrics

6.  Brand

Manning will create a seamless process whereby applicant applies to the job, followed by expedient candidate contact and processing while all of the time using the client’s company name to enhance the brand.  The candidate experiences and associates with your brand:

  • A timely follow-up and contact
  • An enhanced customer service experience
  • A professional screening process
  • Friendly and courteous guidance as needed
  • Appropriate closure to the process

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