Healthcare / Medical


Hospital employees from variety of departments

We specialize in healthcare management careers for a variety of departments.

The health care industry has proven to be a major employer of top talent for decades.  It continues to show strong growth as well as being one of the most dynamic industries in the area of innovation and the need for talent to drive that innovation.  Health care reform will no doubt create both challenges for us but also plenty of opportunity within the midst of it all.  The Manning Search Group has been focused on the health care industry from the beginning in 2001 and our founder held a 25+ year career in healthcare prior to starting the firm. The Manning Search Group will continue to offer search & recruitment services in the following healthcare niches:

  • Acute Care consisting of mid-level management up to the C-suite
  • Ambulatory care ie: ambulatory surgery, radiology/imaging services, oncology/rad-oncology, home healthcare, dialysis and other outpatient clinics
  • Physician Practice Management both independent and management company-driven organizations
  • Physician and Allied Professionals

The Manning Search Group will take searches in these functional area:

  • Executive
  • Operations
  • Financial
  • Clinical
  • Sales & Marketing

See our Job Listings page for current job opportunities within healthcare.

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