Candidate FAQ’s


1. What experience does MSG have in the healthcare industry?
Roger Manning has held varying positions of management responsibility within the pharmaceutical and home health care industry for 25+ years. Roger has expertise in sales management as well as healthcare operations management. Roger has been an Executive Search Recruiter for 5+ years and has achieved multiple sales awards in a very short time and has been one of the top Billing Leaders in a large international search & recruitment firm. Roger has added to his healthcare team several other Search Consultants with experience from hospital management, medical products sales & marketing, physician recruitment, “C” level management, and ancillary healthcare management. As a team, we have over 100+ years of healthcare/medical management experience.

2. Can you help me with my career search in another industry other than medical or healthcare services?

Yes; MSG specializes in healthcare/medical but have expanded into other strong market such as construction/architectural/engineering, capital equipment, venture capital companies and medical manufacturers of medical equipment, devices, instruments and supplies. MSG has a team of Search Consultants with very industry-specific backgrounds in these respective industries. Also, MSG is networked with hundreds of other recruiters around the United States that have the potential of better serving your specific background and needs outside of MSG’s expertise. Ask MSG for their recommendation of a recruitment firm to assist you.

3. What is the best way to provide a resume to your firm?

A. Go to our Job Listings page and find the position that you are interested in pursuing.  There is an option to apply to that position. Your resume can be uploaded and will appear in our Applicant Tracking System. Someone will be in contact with you within 48 hours.

B.  If you do not see an opportunity of interest, we encourage you to still place your resume on file with the Manning Search Group.  We would like to interview you briefly so that we can become more familiar with you and your professional background in preparation for future opportunities that would match your background and desires.

C. You can go to the Consultants tab and find the Search Consultant that matches your industry niche and contact them through email. Send your resume using the following options:1) Send as an email file attachment (preferably in MS Word) to your respective MSG Search Consultant or to 2) Fax resume to (636) 875-5091;3) Mail a hard copy of your resume to: Manning Search Group LLC; 1101 St. Peters-Howell Rd., St. Peter’s, MO. 63376

4. What does it cost me to utilize your service on my job search?

MSG’s fees are paid 100% by the employer/client. Once our client/employer has extended an offer of acceptance to the candidate and the candidate begins employment, MSG invoices the employer. The candidate is not financially responsible to MSG.

5. Is there any guarantee to the service provided by Manning Search Group?

MSG’s provides limited guarantees to the client/employer. MSG guarantees that the candidate has been thoroughly screened through an interview process, reference checked and will remain in employment with the prospective new employer for at least 30 days beyond their initial start date. If the employee/candidate resigns from employment prior to the 30 days, then MSG will search and replace that candidate for no additional charge to our client/employer. In certain high visibility positions or in positions of longer performance guarantees, MSG may ask the candidate/employee to sign a performance guarantee to MSG for completing their commitment to the employer.

6. I am worried about confidentiality of my search. What guarantee of confidentiality is provided to the candidate?

MSG promises that a candidate’s name or resume will be held in the strictest of confidence. MSG will not give out your name or resume without first gaining your verbal agreement. MSG does not conduct “blanket” mailing campaigns of resumes. MSG gains an employers interest in a candidates background first and before the candidates resume is given over to the employer.

7. What assistance can you provide if I must relocate for my new job?

Manning Search Group frequently recommends as a valuable resource in answering all of your questions about relocation. contains information on moving companies, real estate firms, brokerage firms, cost of living indexes, city-to-city comparisons, and many other valuable indices. Go to our ARTICLES/RESOURCES page and look for HOTLINKS. You will find and other useful career-related and industry-related websites.

8. What is expected of me in order to work with Manning Search Group?

MSG expects the following from you: 1) Be truthful and honest in presenting your background; 2) Return phone calls to MSG as soon as possible and definitely within 24 hours; 3) Provide alternate contact information whether pagers, cell phones, relatives, etc. 4) Follow through with your all of your interview commitments and call MSG after each interview with your interview debriefing. 5) Agreement not to consider counter-offers once you have received an acceptable job offer from MSG’s client employers.

9. Counter-Offers? Why should I not consider counter-offers?

There is a tremendous amount of information on why accepting a counter-offer is a career wrecking move. See our FOR CANDIDATES menu /COUNTEROFFERS web-page for 10 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD NEVER ACCEPT A COUNTEROFFER.

10. Can you assist me with the negotiation of my salary and benefits package?

Yes. Usually MSG has a liaison-role with the client/employer and the MSG Search Consultant is working towards a “win-win” relationship for both the employer and the candidate. The employer wants to know what it will reasonably take to get the employee. The employee wants to know that they are hired a fair market value for their skills, knowledge and experience. The MSG Consultant is skilled at bringing these two together for a successful hire.

11. What is the difference between MSG and an out-placement company?

MSG is a permanent placement search and recruitment firm. We represent the employer and MSG is paid by the employer once a new hire is made. An out-placement firm represents an employer as well. However, the out-placement firm charges the employer a monthly fee to provide career-consulting services and other valuable resources to an employee that was downsized/laid off from the employer. Out-placement services is regarded as a benefit of working for the employer. The out-placement firm however does not have an employer list of companies that give them jobs to fill. The out-placement firm may provide a list of companies that the out-placed employee can contact on their own for possible job opportunities. The out-placement firm thrives on companies that are eliminating positions. The search and recruitment firms thrive on finding new job opportunities and permanently placing candidates within those client employers

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