Selecting a Search Firm

featured-5To find the best Search Consultant for your specific needs, you should seek out someone with similar industry expertise and interests. This Search Consultant does not have to live locally. In fact, some of your best choices could live hundreds of miles away from you. The key is finding someone who has the industry specific expertise to understand what you do and has the industry contacts. Be cautious about a recruiter who says they handle all industries and accept job orders in all industries. This person is spread way too thin and could not possibly have the focus or the contacts in your industry to do you justice. Also, don’t be concerned that your recruiter is not willing to share the names of their client/employers when you first make introduction. Until you have submitted your resume and have been interviewed by the recruiter, you are not considered to be eligible for introduction to their clients. Remember, they are selecting you based upon your background and experience. To qualify your recruiter though, you should make every attempt to determine what kind of clients make up the majority of their placements.

Another good idea for selecting a Search Consultant is to ask for a referral from someone in your industry/area of specialization. If you are in healthcare, ask your healthcare associates which recruiting firms do the best work for them. Professional societies or publications from these societies, or trade magazines, are a good source of potential recruitment firms. Remember, those firms that have been doing recruitment and placement in your field are more than likely to have the greatest number of contacts and industry resources/access to help you.

You should feel very comfortable talking with the Search Consultant and determine whether or not you can have faith in them by the way they respond to your needs. If the Search Consultant hurries you along as if they need to get you off the phone, then they obviously are not going to take interest in helping you. Some recruiters can make you feel unimportant if they cannot use your background right now. Good recruiters have a sense of urgency for meeting their client/employers needs today but also spend adequate time in recruiting strong candidates within their industry for future opportunities. Some Search Consultants look daily for premier candidates within their industry that they can proactively introduce to prospective new employers.

If the Search Consultant cannot speak knowledgeably or passionately about your field or industry, then there is a good bet that they don’t have much interest or expertise in that field either. Even if a Search Consultant cannot help place you today, they may be able to give you advice about your resume or career options. This kind of Search Consultant is a valuable resource and may be willing to refer you on to other recruiting firms that can help you today. This Search Consultant is someone you might expect to call you in the future and want to talk to you when they can help you.


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