Employer FAQ’s

What will this search cost me?

  • Answer:  All non-physician searches are priced as a percentage of the new hire’s guaranteed salary.  The guaranteed salary is defined as the base salary and any upfront guarantee such as a sign-on bonus. Relocation expenses and future bonus earnings are excluded from our fee.  A lower fee can be negotiated either by signing an exclusive retainer or engagement fee agreement.

How long will it take before I get candidates to interview?

  • Our goal is to conduct a search that will funnel down dozens or candidates into a finalist list of 3 to 6 candidates by the end of 2 weeks. These candidates will have been initially screened followed by a second more in-depth interview before you receive their resume. Some searches may offer more challenge due to either the job specialty or the geographic location or both. Manning Search Group will provide a weekly update of the progress of the search for as long as it takes to fill the position.

What guarantee do I have that this new hire will work out?

  • We typically offer a 30-day period of time on contingency searches for you to determine (a) if the candidate does indeed match up to their resume and background, (b) appears to be functionally competent, and / or does not resign or get terminated from their new position.  If you engage or retain the Manning Search Group, or performance guarantee gets increased to 60 – 90 days from the start date.  It is our viewpoint that candidates leaving employment after 90-days is a retention problem and cannot be assigned as the recruiter’s lack of performance.  In those circumstances where the employer notifies Manning Search Group as to concerns during the performance period, then we will agree to honor a negotiated period of time to further explore the concern.
  • If you have to terminate the employer or if they resign during this performance period, Manning Search Group agrees to replace the employee without further charge to you.  The replacement candidate will of course go through your usual thorough interview process to determine that they are qualified for the position.

When do you get paid?

  • Our terms are NET DUE on the new hire’s start date with a 15-day grace period in order to qualify for the performance guarantee.  If the search project is signed on as a contingency search, the fee will be due in it’s entirety on the new hire’s start date with a 15-day grace period.  If the invoice is not paid within the grace period, the client may forfeit their performance guarantee.  Engagements will require 1/3 of the fee upfront at the signing of the fee agreement and the remaining 2/3’s will be paid upon conclusion of the hire and candidate’s start date. If the search is retained, 1/3 will be required upfront at the signing of the fee agreement, the second 1/3 will be due upon 30-days into the project, and the final 1/3 will be due on the new hire’s start date with a 15-day grace period.

If we hire from your search firm, will you turn around and recruit our employees?

  • You have our word that we will never recruit from your company as long we have had paid business with your company within the last 12 months indicating that you are a current client.  We are a private company and unlike several of the franchise companies that cannot control one franchise from recruiting from you while another franchise is recruiting on your behalf.

What makes the Manning Search Group qualified for executive search?

  • The Managing Directors and Senior Search Consultants of Manning Search Group have had extensive career experience within their respective fields. Those prior years experience has included people management skills and duties such as interviewing, hiring, coaching, mentoring, appraising and disciplining and general human capital management. These experiences were the perfect setting for careers in executive search and recruitment.  Manning Search Group also puts each new Search Consultant new hire through extensive professional training in the art of search & recruitment.  Your experience with a Manning Search Consultant should be polished and professional.

How long have you been in business?

  • The Manning Search Group opened it’s doors on September 29, 2001 after Roger Manning spent three years with Management Recruiters International for a total of 14 years of executive search. (2012)

Do you have references?

  • Yes, we will be able to offer professional references for our work in all respective industries that we provide coverage.

Is it necessary for you to visit our business location?

  • No it is not necessary to visit your location on contingency type searches.  Many of our retained clients or physician search clients like to see us visit their facility for an in-depth exposure to the hiring committee, company culture as well as to collect important tools that will be utilized in advertising and promoting the search.  If Manning Search Group visits a client, our travel expenses must be paid above and beyond the negotiated fee agreement.

How does the Manning Search Group compared in service offering compared to other big executive search firms?

  • The Manning Search Group competes with many fine executive search firms who are national and international in scope. Manning however is seen as a smaller boutique-type firm who specializes primarily in healthcare / medical, physicians, capital equipment and architecture industries.
  • Manning offers much of the same services but could possibly be more thorough in the screening processes compared to some but not all of the other firms.  We strive to be Customer Service friendly with the philosophy that “If you don’t take care of your customer, someone else will!”
  • You will probably find our fees to be lower than the “big” name firms thus saving you thousands of dollars on an executive search.
  • One area that stands out will be Manning Search Group’s creation and offering of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) services that integrate and combine executive, mid-management, physician and certain staff positions into the RPO contract.

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