Architects / Engineers / Construction


Architecture firms provide the conceptual design, detailed design, material selection and specifications that influence our built environment. These firms also provide the planning, administration and construction management to build our homes, educational facilities, healthcare facilities, recreational facilities, firehouses, police stations, prisons, research laboratories, airports and other transportation facilities that constitute our infrastructure to give us a comfortable, secure and enriched lifestyle.

Manning Search Group provides executive search consulting services to help identify, select and recruit the mid and senior level executives to lead those organization that focus on providing these services to build what we see around us. Those firms that provide these architectural services are included in this practice.  Architectural Services organizations are using a “service business model” and share business leverage points in pricing and often protect the owner from project risk as part of the value proposition they offer to the customers they serve.  Senior and mid-level management face similar leadership challenges in pricing, margin pressure, market share objectives and maintaining service levels.  Identifying the mid and senior level industry talents based on past accomplishments that match the objectives and culture of our client organizations is what distinguishes Manning Search Group from other recruiting and selection choices available to our customers in these industries.




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